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Our Story

The True Summit Story


How it began-

The basis for True Summit Investments began in 2003 in New Orleans, at Tulane University’s Masters of Finance program at the AB Freeman Graduate School of Business. A college professor gave founder, Marcin Varanka, the spark to invest in real estate. Marcin interned for a multifamily group in New Orleans, searching for deals, walking properties, building models and pricing opportunities. Marcin’s career after college took him to Wall Street, initially at Barclays Capital as an analyst, and then as a corporate bond marketer on the trading desks of various other investment banks. With savings generated from his wall street career, Marcin began investing in apartment buildings back in his home town of Kansas City. As his portfolio grew, some of his clients took notice and expressed interest in investing along with him. After reaching sufficient scale, Marcin decided to take investors and launch out on his own.


guiding principles-

  • Maximize risk adjusted returns for investors through diligent underwriting and prudent risk management

  • Act with integrity towards all partners, vendors, customers and stakeholders


about our founder-

Marcin Varanka - Founder and Principal -

Marcin Varanka - Founder and Principal -

Marcin Varanka has 13 years of experience in real estate investments, acting in a principal capacity since 2009. In addition, Mr. Varanka has 12 years of experience in securities investments, working as both an analyst and as an institutional fixed income marketer in New York City. He earned the right to use the CFA designation in 2011.